Practical Mindfulness… and so much more!


‘Catch yerself on!’ the practical mindfulness course returns to Clarendon Chiropractic Clinic on Wednesday 18th September. To ensure accessibility and flexibility, as previously, we are running 2 courses on this date. We have introduced a lunchtime slot and an evening session. Previous participants found this choice of times useful as they were able to interchange attendance as the same content is delivered.

This course is aimed at people who feel stuck, overwhelmed and stressed and who seek to find solutions and practical ways to unhook from negativity allowing them to be fully present, focused and more effective.

However it’s not just a mindfulness course… it is so much. With a background in Psychology, an experienced and accredited Life Coach and many years experience in mental health, Helen shares additional skills, experience and learning with participants. Themes such as Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, NLP and Presence based coaching add depth and understanding for participants helping them understand themselves better and take control of their emotions.

Check out feedback below from previous participants. This course is a great introduction to a practical mindfulness practice. If you would like more information please contact Helen

Tel 07719302988