Practical Everyday Mindfulness


1. the state or quality of being mindful
2. the practice of giving complete and non-judgmental attention to one’s present experience, used as a stress-reduction technique.

Are you feeling stressed, pressured and overwhelmed?
Are you on automatic pilot?
Do you feel like you want to get off the treadmill of life to catch your breath?
Do less and achieve more?

Well practical mindfulness could be the thing for you!

If we can learn a way to manage our thinking this in turn will allow us to manage how we feel and how we respond to any situation…sound good?

Through short practices we learn how to bring attention to the present moment allowing us to:
~ Notice how thoughts come and go in our mind, recognising that they are transient.
~ Notice what our body is telling us as we hold a lot of our stress physically in our bodies
~ Create space between us and our thoughts so we can choose how to respond in any situation.

Create some space to pause and acknowledge how you’re feeling.
Become more objective and choose how to respond in situations.
Reduce stress by managing thoughts and emotions.
 Unhook from unhelpful thoughts and emotions.


~ Stress reduction
~ manage emotions
~ reduce anxiety
~ decrease emotional reactivity
~ Increase focus
~ Boost working memory

Having discovered the benefits of meditation and mindfulness nearly 20 years ago, Helen now has a regular meditation practice which is part of her everyday life.

Having experienced such amazing benefits she now shares some of the mindfulness skills with others. However realising that not everyone wants to commit to a formal meditation practice, Helen offers a range of accessible everyday mindfulness techniques.

She has trained with Stanton Psychological Services/ Grayrock Ltd and the Irish Institute of Mindfulness.

So What’s on offer…?

Drop in Sessions

As a direct response to supporting people through the pandemic, Helen started these free sessions in March 2020 and has continued to do so since. Each week Helen runs short 30 minute online mindfulness sessions to helping you to remain grounded and present.

These sessions are suitable for beginners and offer an introduction to the practice of Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is all about practice and these sessions allow people to try this in a supported environment to kick start their practice while becoming part of the ‘catch yerself on!’ online mindfulness community

Morning Mindfulness
Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday: 10am -10.30am

Evening Mindfulness
Tuesday/ Thursday: 7pm – 7.30pm

6 Week Practical Mindfulness Course

Want to delve a bit deeper with your Mindfulness practise? This is a 6 week programme of accessible and practical everyday mindfulness, exploring your mindfulness practice in more depth.

Each session consists of practical exercises and discussion about your mindfulness experience. Helping to unhook and detach from unhelpful negative thoughts, emotions, urges and sensations. As you increase your awareness you experience a sense of freedom and calm, allowing you to experience a greater sense of control.

The course sessions also incorporate some Cognitive Based Coaching and NLP perspectives.

Participants are encouraged to develop their mindfulness practice outside of classes and incorporate into their everyday living

‘Mindfulness is awareness that rises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.’

Workplace Wellbeing Programme

This suite of programmes is based on an eclectic mix of practical everyday mindfulness, cognitive behavioural coaching and NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) and is designed to give people practical tools to take responsibility for their wellbeing and good mental health. As we try to adjust to a different way of working, it offers a wonderful opportunity to create a more resilient, values based and compassionate way in the workplace.

Here at IndigoLife we believe in supporting people to support themselves. There is no one size fits all solutions or indeed quick fixes when managing mental health, stress and anxiety. We cannot change people but we can help them to change themselves.

Imagine a workforce who are resilient, who take responsibility for their own mental health and who implement their own personal strategies for greater effectiveness, wellbeing and resilience…

Having engaged, productive and happier employees will have a direct impact on productivity and economic growth for any business.

What people say

… comments from recent participants

What worked for you during this course?

The pace of the course was accessible; I didn’t feel overwhelmed or unable to develop the skill.

I have gained many useful tools to help me during a difficult time. I have slowed down and enjoy my surroundings.

Awareness of judgements! I’ve been doing this a lot and it taught me to step back and arm myself with more information.

Listening to Helen’s recordings really helped me focus and be mindful

The group chats! The participative discussion, hearing others interpretations of similar thoughts

What has been the impact on your everyday life?

Knowing I can ground myself and am beginning to do so more easily (with practice!)

 I think much clearer.

I know that I’ve acquired a new skill set and when problems arise I search for help from the skills I have picked u

I feel a lot more confident, being more relaxed and happy with myself as I am.

To allow myself to be. To unhook from assumptions or presumptuous thoughts.

It has allowed me to change my perspective, slow down, stop judging myself and others and generally enjoy life again!

To pause, to slow down, to recognise (hopefully more often) when I am caught up in a moment/ situation/ thought and to take time before reacting.