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Indigo life is a way of being. We are all unique so there is no one size fits all.

Working with Helen is about being true to you by creating your own personal strategies for a future of possibilities.


Indigo life is a way of being. We are all unique so there is no one size fits all. Working with Helen is about being true to you by creating your own personal strategies for a future of possibilities.

Do you feel stuck?

Are you ready for change but unsure how to get there?

Do you feel there is more to you and your life?

Are you ready to lead the life you want?

Would you like...

To be resilient in whatever life throws at you

Feel you are in control of your life

To experience increased sense of self awareness and wellbeing

Greater inner confidence giving you energy and focus

In response to the COVID-19 situation we are offering 

Free online mindfulness sessions 

What Others Say

Following a recommendation I contacted Helen with a view to coaching key members of my staff for their future development and progression in the company. She has been working with staff on a one to one basis since January 2019 and I see a tangible difference in their confidence, resilience and effectiveness.

This coaching has been invaluable in helping my staff cope with the turmoil of this past year and I am delighted that we have introduced this one to one coaching culture in Frylite. I would recommend Helen for her professionalism and experience in helping develop your staff, especially through recent difficult times.

I worked with Helen as part of a leadership development programme and thoroughly enjoyed her approach to coaching. I continue to try and put her advice into action. I highly recommend Helen / she’s great to work with and a top person.

After a recommendation, NI Hospice approached Helen to help us develop some of our team through coaching. Her experience as a coach is invaluable and in a very short time her input, commitment and delivery have been very impressive. Her approach is very empowering and the feedback we received has been hugely positive. I am pleased to now be in the position to recommend Helen to others. You will be glad you made that connection, as we are!

From the moment I met Helen, I knew we would get on well. She is an incredible listener and can pick up on things that I wasn’t consciously aware of, yet when she explained them they were spot on. The sessions were very much led by me, with Helen acting as a soundboard and guiding things from what I was talking about.

I got so much from the coaching process. It is quite hard to put it in to words but Helen basically taught me to let go; of worries, anxieties, other people’s opinions, social pressures and to trust myself and my own instincts and abilities. This led to a huge self-analysis/discovery and to more amazing realisations than I ever thought possible.

Before I met Helen I was in a bit of a rut and had no real structure or balance in my life, work and family. From day 1 I could see really positive changes in all aspects of my life. I have been given the knowledge and tools to take control of my life and use them every day to guide me to a happier, more productive person.

Helen is a wonderful coach, I left every session feeling invigorated and enlightened. I can’t thank Helen enough. Thank you, Thank you.

I found Helen at a time when I was trying to make some career decisions in life and struggling to gain clarity about what my goals were. Helen was so warm and easy to relax with whilst being completely professional. I found it easy to share my thoughts, frustrations and worries with her. The whole coaching experience was extremely rewarding, I had some challenges I had to work through in terms of mental blocks I had, and overcoming these has made a huge difference in terms of my confidence and outlook.

Looking back now I can see how the dots have all joined up, the goals I set were realised and I now have much more positive attitude as a result. I would wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Helen for anyone who is struggling with career decisions or in fact just needs some help with their life goals. In my opinion giving yourself the space and time for some coaching is one of the best things you can do for yourself!

The routine, the sense of community, the positive mindset it puts you in and the consistency of the sessions also helped me build a stronger practice to being more mindful throughout the day. It also has given me structure in a time where that seems much more difficult to obtain!


Please note: All Coaching services still available online through Zoom.  Contact me for info