Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

Supporting you to support your staff!

It has taken a worldwide pandemic for us to ‘waken up’ to the importance of good mental health. The world of work has changed as we adapt to a new way of ‘being’. This is an opportunity for a more compassionate approach in managing staff which in turn will result in engaged, resilient and present employees.

catch yerself on!

This suite of programmes is based on an eclectic mix of practical everyday mindfulness, cognitive behavioural coaching and NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) and is designed to give people practical tools to take responsibility for their wellbeing and good mental health.

As we try to adjust to a different way of working, it offers a wonderful opportunity to create a more resilient, values based and compassionate way in the workplace.

Indigolife’s approach

Here at Indigolife we believe in supporting people to support themselves. There is no one size fits all solutions or indeed quick fixes when managing mental health, stress and anxiety.

We cannot change people but we can help them to change themselves.

Imagine a workforce who are resilient, who take responsibility for their own mental health and who implement their own personal strategies for greater effectiveness, wellbeing and resilience…

Having engaged, productive and happier employees will have a direct impact on productivity and economic growth for any business.

In my experience, when it comes to poor mental health, prevention is better than cure and that is the aim of ‘Catch Yerself On!’ the workplace wellbeing programmes which support business owners and managers support their staff.

Still not Sure?

There may still be a thought that personal development and mindfulness is a bit happy clappy, hippy dippy and we are aware of that here at IndigoLife.

We recognise that people require different levels of support and have therefore tailored our programmes taking into consideration people’s level of openness and engagement.

The ‘Catch Yerself on!’ suite of wellbeing programmes are experiential, participants not only get a chance to develop their self awareness and gain a better understanding of what is happening to them physically and mentally when under pressure but also get to experience and take away practical techniques to implement immediately.

The Programmes

Each of the programmes listed below are stand alone but can also work and blend well together in developing people as they develop themselves.

Introductory Workshop on Practical Mindfulness (1 hour)

This workshop allows participants to gain a better understanding of what practical mindfulness is and how it can be used in everyday life.

An interactive session, it allows for familiarisation giving staff a sense of how these techniques can have a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Short Drop-in Mindfulness Session

These sessions allow for a very accessible way to connect and support staff online.

A regular short 10-15 minute mindfulness session to help staff pause and become grounded. This offers a great team building opportunity for staff to connect with other team members especially if working from home or on different sites.

Bespoke Coaching/Training Programme or Workshop (1 hour)

Training is individually designed to meet the needs of your organisation giving a direct impact on staff performance.

Individuals within a team are empowered to improve performance, increase potential, and enhance self awareness thus creating a greater sense of wellbeing, success and productivity.

So What’s Next?

Step 1: Initial free consultation to assess your staff’s needs and discuss the different options

Step 2: Plan outlined for supporting staff’s well being

Step 3: Plan implemented with ongoing support and evaluation of staffs needs

Step 4: Review and assessment of Workplace Wellbeing plan and its effectiveness and the way forward.

6 Week Practical Mindfulness Course (6 X 1 hour sessions)

This six week practical everyday mindfulness programme of one hour sessions allows Practical Mindfulness and Authentic Leadership to be embedded into the work force to significantly increase employee resilience, focus, performance and emotional well being. Participants increase their self responsibility and ownership of their own mental wellbeing and effectiveness. Delivered over a period of weeks allows for skills to be perfected and practiced to ensure lasting effectiveness.

Research shows benefits of mindfulness include:

~ Reduce stress
~ Manage emotions
~ Reduce anxiety
~ Decrease emotional reactivity – Enhance communication
~ Increase focus
~ Boost working memory

One to One Individual Coaching Session 90 mins

One to one coaching can be the key to making fundamental changes in personal effectiveness and wellbeing.

By entering the coaching process the individual will raise their level of personal awareness creating clarity about the choices they have. By taking self responsibility the individual will create a plan of action to focus on achieving their next level of success all at their pace.

One-to-one executive coaching is the ultimate secure and confidential instrument for people working in organisations across all sectors of business to develop their personal performance.

For many executives senior management can be a lonely place… who do you confide in confidentially without running the risk of undermining your authority?

Benefits of executive coaching include: –
~ Manage your career
~ Become an inspirational leader
~ Develop communication and team building skills
~ Regain work/ life balance
~ Develop personal resilience strategies

Your Coach/Trainer

Indigolife deliver evidence based coaching programmes to individuals and organisations that are committed to personal development and positive potential.

With a background in Psychology and over 25 years’ experience in mental health and development Helen McDonnell brings a wealth of experience to each coaching intervention. She is a founding member and current board member of Aware NI, the leading depression charity in NI.

An accredited coach for over 15 years and mindfulness practitioner, Helen uses an eclectic mix of practical mindfulness, cognitive behavioural coaching and NLP.

All coaching programmes are designed to instil an increased sense of self, greater self responsibility and sense of individual empowerment, allowing for increased confidence and effectiveness.

Creating personal strategies for a future of possibilities….