Are you ready for a new ‘revolution’?

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Are you ready for a new ‘revolution’?

So where do you stand? New Year’s resolutions (or revolutions as I like to call them) or not? Fired up for 2017 with a list of resolutions the length of your arm? Or carry on as normal, you wouldn’t waste your time and energy on making resolutions… you never stick to them anyway!

Whatever your thinking it must be recognised that any day is good to reflect on changes you’d like to make in your life whether at work, rest or play and the start of a new year is as good as any to take action.

The biggest downfall that people make in making New Year resolutions is that they are too vague, want instant success and therefore give up hopelessly at the first hurdle, with a bit of esteem bashing to go with it. That little voice in your head… “Who are you kidding; you make this commitment to yourself every year. Why would this year be any different?  What makes you think you can do it?”

So before that little gremlin gets a hold and dashes your good intentions follow the tips below and keep that motivation going.

Be realistic Don’t set the bar too high.  In other words, if your goal is to begin exercising, avoid the temptation to run five miles the first day and then fall over in exhaustion. Maybe you need to start walking before you can run. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training. If you always resolve to give up smoking each year and don’t succeed maybe aiming to cut down the cigs is more realistic.

Be specific about these goals, what does your goal really mean and what do you really want to do? ‘Get organised’, does this mean in one area of your life or just in work? Make sure it is worded as action goals as opposed to an outcome goal e.g. ‘allow time to organise desk’ as opposed to ‘be organised.’

Chunk, Plan and prepare how you will achieve your goal. Break your goal down to small steps and it’s easier to achieve and see progress. Write the steps down, what will you need to help you achieve your goal? Get support from others and tell them what you are doing. Creates a bit of accountability!

Believe that you can do it and that you deserve to achieve it and reward yourself for progress you make. But also be kind to yourself if you slip up, accept there was a hiccup but get back on track and don’t dwell on it. Stay focused and imagine how you will feel when you achieve it, what will you look like and what will be people be saying. Constantly remind yourself why you have decided to do it.

So make a stand and let today be the day of a new ‘revolution’!