Image of Catch Yerself On logo by Indigo Life Coaching‘Catch Yerself on!’ the 6 week Practical Mindfulness course has gone online!

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  • Develop more understanding of how to manage your thoughts and emotions.
  • Learn whats happening in the brain when we develop our mindfulness practice.
  • Learn how to unhook from unhelpful thinking and feelings.
  • Deepen your experience of being present enabling you to be more effective and focused.
  • Manage your stress levels to ensure greater peace of mind.

Come join me every Wednesday 3rd June – 8th July to explore your mindfulness practice and learn how to incorporate it into everyday life.

Course fee £75: Places limited

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I want to take you on a journey, a very pleasant journey. Take a few minutes, sit down quietly and day dream…. Imagine yourself working to your full potential. What would that be like? You might be full of energy, really positive, everything you think of and do is the right thing, decisions are easy and straight forward, you are stress free, content and happy. Do you like the scene and how you feel? Is it a bit too good to be true? Well what gets in the way of you feeling this way? In Coaching we call the things that get in the way of us working to our full potential INTERFERENCE.

Have you ever dropped your phone and cracked the screen and damaged it? It’s fuzzy and you have to strain to make out the picture. Well just so is the picture in your head when your own individual interference gets in the way of you working effectively and efficiently.

So what sort of interference are we talking about. Stress, negative attitude, anxiety/ nerves, bad health, other people, emotional baggage. All these things can contribute to your interference and hold you back.

I recently had a client who came to me with a lot of interference with regard to interviews. He realised that his career was affected by the fact that he didn’t like doing interviews, felt that he was no good at them with the result that he was missing out on opportunities of promotion. What was happening was that he had one or two bad experiences in interviews and so had developed the belief that all interviews that he had done went terribly wrong. Through the coaching process we reflected on whether this belief that he carried to every subsequent interview was serving him and of course there was a resounding no! His perception of interviews had become distorted and was holding him back. With coaching he was able to identify and address his ‘interference’, learn techniques and do a successful interview with no apprehensions!

We may know what our interference is but it is a different ball game to do something about it. Coaching not only helps the individual identify their own personal interference but also directs them in developing ways to eliminate this interference and so work to achieving greater effectiveness. Just as you would, over time, get used to and accept a cracked screen, so also do we get used to and accept our own interference. That is until someone shows you something on their phone, with a lovely clear picture…then you realise what you are missing! So is it time for you to upgrade your screen?



‘Catch yerself on!’ the practical mindfulness course returns to Clarendon Chiropractic Clinic on Wednesday 18th September. To ensure accessibility and flexibility, as previously, we are running 2 courses on this date. We have introduced a lunchtime slot and an evening session. Previous participants found this choice of times useful as they were able to interchange attendance as the same content is delivered.

This course is aimed at people who feel stuck, overwhelmed and stressed and who seek to find solutions and practical ways to unhook from negativity allowing them to be fully present, focused and more effective.

However it’s not just a mindfulness course… it is so much. With a background in Psychology, an experienced and accredited Life Coach and many years experience in mental health, Helen shares additional skills, experience and learning with participants. Themes such as Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, NLP and Presence based coaching add depth and understanding for participants helping them understand themselves better and take control of their emotions.

Check out feedback below from previous participants. This course is a great introduction to a practical mindfulness practice. If you would like more information please contact Helen

Tel 07719302988



‘Catch yerself on!’ and  learn to unhook from unhelpful thoughts and emotions that are causing your stress.

The 6 week practical mindfulness course returns to Clarendon Chiropractic Clinic in Derry/ Londonderry on Wednesday 1st May. There has been great feedback from past participants who continue to use the mindfulness techniques picked up from the course throughout their day.

Each week participants are introduced to simple techniques with a particular focus, building these  themes and mindfulness practice.

Sessions last just over the hour and consist of several short exercises and discussion about our mindfulness experiences.

Practical Mindfulness can help..

Reduce stress/ manage emotions/ reduce anxiety/ decrease emotional reactivity/ increase focus/ Boost working memory.

There is an option of two classes, 10am to 11.15am or an evening session 7pm to 8.15pm. Places are limited to 12 people for optimum benefit and effectiveness. Payment of course fee £75 secures place (

For more details visit or call Helen on 07719302988.

Recent comments from participants on  ‘Catch yerself on!’, the everyday practical mindfulness course at Clarendon Chiropractic Clinic in Derry/ Londonderry.

What worked for you during this course?

  • The pace of the course was accessible; I didn’t feel overwhelmed or unable to develop the skill.
  • I have gained many useful tools to help me during a difficult time. I have slowed down and enjoy my surroundings.
  • Awareness of judgements! I’ve been doing this a lot and it taught me to step back and arm myself with more information.
  • Listening to Helen’s recordings really helped me focus and be mindful
  • The group chats! The participative discussion, hearing others interpretations of similar thoughts

What has been the impact of this course on your everyday life?

  • Knowing I can ground myself and am beginning to do so more easily (with practice!)
  • I think much clearer.
  • I know that I’ve acquired a new skill set and when problems arise I search for help from the skills I have picked up.
  • I feel alot more confident, being more relaxed and happy with myself as I am.
  • To allow myself to be. To unhook from assumptions or presumptuous thoughts.
  • It has allowed me to change my perspective, slow down, stop judging myself and others and generally enjoy life again!
  • To pause, to slow down, to recognise (hopefully more often) when I am caught up in a moment/ situation/ thought and to take time before reacting.

This is a 6 week programme of accessible and practical everyday mindfulness. Starting Monday 12th February at 7.15pm.

Each session lasts one hour and consists of practical exercises and discussion about our mindfulness experience. Helping us to unhook and detach from unhelpful negative thoughts, emotions, urges and sensations. As we increase our awareness we experience a sense of freedom and calm.
Research shows benefits of mindfulness include:
– Stress reduction
– manage emotions
– reduce anxiety
– decrease emotional reactivity
– Increase focus
– Boost working memory

To find out more visit  or call Helen on 07719302988

Just Do it!

These words from the Nike campaign of the 90’s say it all. The phrase was coined at a meeting when someone commented on Nikes can do attitude “You Nike guys, you just do it!” and the rest, as they say is history.

There is a lot to be said for using these words as a philosophy in motivating people into action in moving forward. Often clients use these 3 little words as a mantra or affirmation to help them focus on the job in hand. It is like an instruction for your brain to quit the procrastinating and get on with it. Sometimes to wait and weigh up all the consequences and plan in detail an action, can leave us in a situation where we can talk ourselves out of doing that action.

The underlying philosophy of a ‘Just do it’ attitude is self responsibility. Self responsibility means gaining control of your life by recognising you are responsible for your choices and actions. By not adopting self responsibility we become dependants or followers, turning control of our lives and actions to others. Self responsibility means having a proactive mindset where you go out and actively make things happen. Unfortunately there is a large majority of people who have the opposite mindset whereby they wait for things to happen to them, or for someone else to do it for them. They act passively to life. A good indicator of where you stand is to reflect on your actions should you see an accident. Do you rush over immediately to see if all is ok? Or do you stand by and watch, doing nothing? Those who take responsibility for their lives ‘Just do it!’ whilst those who lack responsibility just sit on the side lines expecting someone else to do it or something else to happen. So if you have a list of things the length of your arm that you want to do, or you’re having difficulty getting motivated about those goals you’ve set yourself, then cut the procrastinating and get on with it. Take control of your life, adopt a proactive approach to work and home using your mental energy in a more positive way. So next time you see the Nike tick use it as a reminder of a philosophy that can work for you… and Just do it!!


Are you ready for a new ‘revolution’?

So where do you stand? New Year’s resolutions (or revolutions as I like to call them) or not? Fired up for 2017 with a list of resolutions the length of your arm? Or carry on as normal, you wouldn’t waste your time and energy on making resolutions… you never stick to them anyway!

Whatever your thinking it must be recognised that any day is good to reflect on changes you’d like to make in your life whether at work, rest or play and the start of a new year is as good as any to take action.

The biggest downfall that people make in making New Year resolutions is that they are too vague, want instant success and therefore give up hopelessly at the first hurdle, with a bit of esteem bashing to go with it. That little voice in your head… “Who are you kidding; you make this commitment to yourself every year. Why would this year be any different?  What makes you think you can do it?”

So before that little gremlin gets a hold and dashes your good intentions follow the tips below and keep that motivation going.

Be realistic Don’t set the bar too high.  In other words, if your goal is to begin exercising, avoid the temptation to run five miles the first day and then fall over in exhaustion. Maybe you need to start walking before you can run. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training. If you always resolve to give up smoking each year and don’t succeed maybe aiming to cut down the cigs is more realistic.

Be specific about these goals, what does your goal really mean and what do you really want to do? ‘Get organised’, does this mean in one area of your life or just in work? Make sure it is worded as action goals as opposed to an outcome goal e.g. ‘allow time to organise desk’ as opposed to ‘be organised.’

Chunk, Plan and prepare how you will achieve your goal. Break your goal down to small steps and it’s easier to achieve and see progress. Write the steps down, what will you need to help you achieve your goal? Get support from others and tell them what you are doing. Creates a bit of accountability!

Believe that you can do it and that you deserve to achieve it and reward yourself for progress you make. But also be kind to yourself if you slip up, accept there was a hiccup but get back on track and don’t dwell on it. Stay focused and imagine how you will feel when you achieve it, what will you look like and what will be people be saying. Constantly remind yourself why you have decided to do it.

So make a stand and let today be the day of a new ‘revolution’!