NEW AUTUMN COURSES STARTING! Clarendon Chiropractic Clinic

‘Catch yerself on!’ Practical Mindfulness courses starting Thursday 21st September 2017 for 6 weeks
Morning course 10.30am to 11.30am
Evening course 7pm to 8pm.
6 weeks £60, payment secures place.

‘Catch yerself on!’ Practical everyday mindfulness programme

‘Mindfulness is awareness that rises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.’

This is a 6 week programme of accessible and practical everyday mindfulness. Each session lasts one hour and consists of practical exercises and discussion about our mindfulness experience. Helping us to unhook and detach from unhelpful negative thoughts, emotions, urges and sensations. As we increase our awareness we experience a sense of freedom and calm.

Participants are encouraged to develop their mindfulness practice outside of classes and incorporate into their everyday living.

Week 1: Theme – Awareness of surroundings

Week 2: Theme – Awareness of sounds

Week 3: Theme – Awareness of movement

Week 4: Theme – Awareness of assumptions

Week 5: Theme – Awareness of judgments

Week 6: Theme – Awareness of how and what we eat

Research shows benefits of mindfulness include:

– Stress reduction

– manage emotions

– reduce anxiety

– decrease emotional reactivity

– Increase focus

– Boost working memory

Helen has over 25 years experience in mental health and has been practising mindfulness herself for over 15 years. An accredited life coach for over 10 years and mindfulness practitioner, she helps clients develop techniques to build confidence, take control of emotions and live a life reaching to their full potential.

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