Practical Mindfulness Course, what people are saying!

Recent comments from participants on  ‘Catch yerself on!’, the everyday practical mindfulness course at Clarendon Chiropractic Clinic in Derry/ Londonderry.

What worked for you during this course?

  • The pace of the course was accessible; I didn’t feel overwhelmed or unable to develop the skill.
  • I have gained many useful tools to help me during a difficult time. I have slowed down and enjoy my surroundings.
  • Awareness of judgements! I’ve been doing this a lot and it taught me to step back and arm myself with more information.
  • Listening to Helen’s recordings really helped me focus and be mindful
  • The group chats! The participative discussion, hearing others interpretations of similar thoughts

What has been the impact of this course on your everyday life?

  • Knowing I can ground myself and am beginning to do so more easily (with practice!)
  • I think much clearer.
  • I know that I’ve acquired a new skill set and when problems arise I search for help from the skills I have picked up.
  • I feel alot more confident, being more relaxed and happy with myself as I am.
  • To allow myself to be. To unhook from assumptions or presumptuous thoughts.
  • It has allowed me to change my perspective, slow down, stop judging myself and others and generally enjoy life again!
  • To pause, to slow down, to recognise (hopefully more often) when I am caught up in a moment/ situation/ thought and to take time before reacting.